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Romania’s Leading Supplier of wood pellets, hardwoods, softwoods, firewood and briquettes

Having introduced numerous innovations since the company was founded, Austro Somes is now Europe’s leading manufacturer of Hardwoods, softwoods and wood pellets. Drawing on many years’ experience in the production of pellets– a process that encompasses the storage, drying and expert processing of wood and wood pellets –, the constant development of our products and our use of state-of-the-art technology are the bedrock of our success.

Austro Somes pays particular attention to manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as to relationship between existing and potential business partners. We are flexible and we can adjust to client needs, open on both sides beneficial business offers.Austro Somes, Romainian Specialist Timber Merchant and wood pellet manufacturer meeting all your requirements. Through everything we do, we promise and ensure that we protect nature and the environment, which is the main source of raw materials for our products.

Our stock hardwood and softwood product range has been expanded to now include all of the following ;White oak logs, white ash logs, birch logs, Spruce logs and Pine logs , Poplar logs,Beech logs , White ash lumber, White oak lumber , Beech Lumber, Birch lumber, spruce lumber, pine lumber, larch lumber, larch logs, douglas fir lumber and douglas fir logs.


Export goods are delivered by roads or sea, via international logistics companies. Standard consignment net weight for motor-vehicle transport can equal up to 22 tons.Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Ukraine, and the cargo undergoes full customs clearance.

Buying solid biofuels from us, you get a guarantee of complete and prompt delivery!


Utilizing high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials, the entire product range meets the highest quality standards.All solid biofuels types are certified, have passed all the necessary tests and are compliant with European norms and quality standards.

The product composition and properties are confirmed by Romanian and international laboratories, such as FIGICO,SGS company, BUREAU VERITAS or similar.

Our Commitment to Forest Management

Driven by Passion & Sustainability

Austro Somes Trading SRL offers a large variety of European hardwoods as logs, unedged and square edged lumber as well as solid wood dimension stock. The most relevant species are beech, oak, ash and maple. In those species we are able to guarantee a stable supply year round in various standard specifications. It also is one of our particular strengths to offer special cutting sizes and grades according to our customers’ requirements.

As supply chains come under increasingly intense scrutiny for their negative impact on the environment and people, it’s becoming mission critical for anyone involved in built environment projects to adhere to high standards.

Logistics services

Delivery to any location in Europe and Romania.
Convenient, fast and affordable.

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We provide contract logging, felling, and timber cruising, as well as other related services such as firewood sales, wood pellets & wood briquettes.

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