Wood Shavings

Our company produces and sells wood shavings, which are used as a natural and environmentally friendly bedding for horses, sheep, cattle and small ruminants, chickens and ducks, poultry farms and domestic animals, has a guaranteed quality, meets all the requirements and high EU standards.

Coniferous wood shavings are completely hypoallergenic material, have a natural antiseptic property, prevent the appearance of harmful bacteria and bad odour from animal faeces, animals and birds are very pleased with this bedding.

Our premium bedding with maximum loft and a high degree of absorbency. The bright white pine offers a beautiful backdrop for your horses, show pigs or other livestock, while medium flakes make mucking out your stall easy.

Main advantages:

✔ Large size is ideal for stables

✔ Free of dust and fines, does not irritate the respiratory tract

✔ 100% natural and ecological pine wood

✔ Completely hypo-allergenic composition

✔ No additives and chemicals, no sand

✔ Natural antiseptic properties

✔ Good moisture absorption

✔ Convenient to store and for transportation as well, both transportation in a sedan or by trucks

✔ Packed in durable polyethylene that protects against moisture and external factors

✔ Best premium quality according to EU standards

Main characteristics:

Wood: 100% natural pine wood shavings

Moisture <10%, KD

Fraction size: 10-25mm

Dimensions of a briquette pack: 300*450*500mm

Briquette pack net weight: 20 kg

Number of briquettes per one pallet: 40-44 pcs., Pallet is 1000*1200mm

Standard trade lot: 18.4-21t, trucks / 40ft containers, with manual loading or placed on pallets