Our Speciality is in the sale of processed timber and products made from beech wood, being Romania’s largest producer and  producing and processing over 3500 m3 of timber monthly. We produce steamed beech wood boards and manufacture horizontal belt saws which have been designed based upon our extensive experience in the timber industry. We source the prime grade Beech timber from the best sawmills in Europe and planed to order at our factory here in Romania. European Beech Lumber sapwood is difficult to differentiate from the heartwood. The colour varies from whitish to pale brown. Sometimes it appears more pinkish-brown. It can turn to a deeper reddish-brown with steaming. The wood sometimes has a dark red heart or darker veining. In addition European Beech Lumber has straight grain with fine and even texture.

We can also machine to sizes in-between those listed. If you require non-standard sizes, edge-jointed timber, or timber supplied in minimum lengths, please Contact Us we would be happy to advise you.

Specifications for Beech lumber for sale

Dimensions: Length: 1 – 2 meter / 2 meter +
width: 10 cm +
thickness: 25 / 32 / 38 / 50 / 60 / 80 mm

We cut in most dimensions according to customer preference

Standards that are supported:

( A grade )- 4 sides clear – is the highest class quality.The timber is clean, flawless (without knots and / or hearts).
(AB grade) – 4 sides clear – on one side of the piece of timber found traces of hearts healthy and / or a healthy node.
( BC grade) – 3 sides clear – allowed red heart, knots, bends and small cracks.

Heat treatment: Steaming light 10-12 hours, uniform color. Drying: KD, KD 8-12% Markings: timber is packed with one length in the bundle and can have markings at customer request.

European Beech Logs

Specifications for Beech logs for sale

Grade: A,AB, ABC
Length: 2500mm+
Diameter: 30cm+
Free trim: 20cm
Quality: Fresh cut

Measurement: european standard, measured at small end.

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