How is our wood sustainable?

The way we source and produce sustainable timber is critical to its outstanding performance and sustainability.

As supply chains come under increasingly intense scrutiny for their negative impact on the environment and people, it’s becoming mission critical for anyone involved in built environment projects to adhere to high standards.

In use as a building material, Accoya sustainable timber has a minimal environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. From forestry and transport practices, through to the production process, our meticulous approach helps safeguard the future of the forests we source from and the health and wellbeing of society as a whole.

The fast-growing trees used to create wood have been selected for several reasons:

The species selected are high-yield allowing us to meet rising demand without fuelling deforestation
The forest sources we cultivate reduce the strain on tropical hardwoods, which are under pressure from illegal logging and quickly becoming a scarce commodity
All our wood comes from areas considered low risk for human rights abuses, with the majority sourced from New Zealand. This helps ensure a fair supply chain for Tefal Woods. Independent assessments and certifications also require that source countries have effective controls against illegal logging, a major cause of biodiversity loss and impacts on forest-dwelling communities around the world.