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Oak and Beech Firewood Logs

Kiln Dried Oak Firewood has high temperature output with long burning time due to its hardwood properties and lack of internal moisture. These are all below 20% in moisture content, offering exceptional heat that cannot be compared to other firewood logs available on the market. Available in crates (which can be used as kindling!) as well as bags for ease of storage. We only sell firewood by volume, never by weight to ensure that our customers get the best value for money. It is one of the best types of firewood you can burn. It has a high heat output and creates very few sparks making it a safe option for your home. 

Product Information

Length: 25-33 cm, Width: 8-15 cm
Wood: oak, hornbeam, beech
Moisture: KD <20% / 25-35%
Packing: 2m3 crate

Main characteristics:

  • Form: cut and chopped logs
  • Dimensions: length 25-33 cm, width 8-15 cm
  • Packing: tightly packed in a wood crate
  • Moisture: 25-35% natural dried, kiln dried with <20%
  • Trade lot: wholesale export, 22-24 crates
  • 100% natural eco hardwood trees: oak, hornbeam, beech.
  • Usage: for all types of boilers and oven, for sauna, for restaurant and pizzeria, for shish kebab and grill, for private and commercial use, etc.
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