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Super Premium unbranded Fuel pellets with better Raw Material.

Our wood pellets utilize 100% single species, whole log pine fiber with no additives, because better fiber makes a better pellet. Our Pellets have low moisture content and better compression, to burn hot longer and provide better overall stove performance. With our premium wood pellets you can be rest assured that you’re heating with consistent, high performance pellets- burn after burn.

Made of 100% natural pine wood fiber
No additives
Less than 6% Moisture
Less than 0.9% Ash/0.1% fines
Burns at 8000+ BTU/lb
Durable bags for safe storage

Pellet Quality

When choosing fuel pellets, it’s important to understand the quality of what you burn. Standard pellets are derived from materials that produce more residual ash – think tree bark or agricultural residues. Our super premium pellets are produced from debarked whole log pine fiber. Our Pellets can burn in virtually any pellet burning appliances. (Low grade pellets must be used only in appliances designed to burn high ash content pellets.

Pellet Business

We started producing pellets out of necessity to eliminate waste. But today we have taken pellet production to a whole different level and our focus is quality, to produce the best premium pellets which produce high heat. Remember when you use our pellets at home or any facility; you’re using a true renewable energy


Premium Wood Pellets – EN ISO 17225-2 Compliant

Unbranded wood pellets are an efficient biomass wood fuel product offered by Austro Somes. The biomass pellets are light in colour and have a low dust content. Unbranded pellets guarantee that you are receiving a good value pellet that is also reliable, clean and energy dense. Wood waste is recycled and compacted into 6mm sized pellets. We promise to deliver products at the excellent standard you’ve come to expect. 

The most important things you should know:  

  • Light in colour pellet
  • Cheap & cheerful
  • Best value wood pellet
  • These pellets are packaged neatly in clear plastic 15kg


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